Redfish go by many names here in South Louisiana, Redfish, Red Drum, Red Fish, Reds are just a few of these names. Redfish are fun to fish for. They never quit fighting and will fight you all the way into the boat. You’ll learn a lot about the importance of high quality lines and using the proper drag settings. It is best to use light tackle for fishing reds, and watch them fight you to the end.

Redfish are plentiful in the marshes and coastal waters of South Louisiana and can be fished year-round. Where they are located varies with the season, anywhere from the duck ponds to the deep canals and along the shoreline. Working with a charter captain who specializes in catching red will get you the ultimate experience. Using artificial baits that resemble minnows or live shrimp, you’ll catch many reds in the marsh. With multiple people in the boat, you’ll often catch multiple reds at once.

With the regulations in place, Redfish are becoming more plentiful along the Louisiana coast. There is a catch limit of 5 Redfish per person, all of them must be over 16” and one can be over 27”. That’s a lot of nice Redfish for a day.

Captain Lacour and his Louisiana Redfish Charters will take you to the right location to enjoy a day of reeling in these fighting fish.